15 Minute Free Consult

15 minute discovery call so I can learn what your goals are and what specific issues you may be dealing with. I’ll let you know how I work and what my process is. This is an opportunity for you and I to learn a little about each other and figure out figure out if it’s a good fit.


Let’s Dig Deep - 90 Minute Consultation

In this 90 minute consultation (in-person/phone/Skype), I’ll review a health history, 3-5 days of food journals, plus a health questionnaire that looks at multiple aspects of health from digestion to hormones, brain health and more. These tools will help me get to the root cause of what issues you may be dealing with. We’ll get started developing an individualized plan that fits your lifestyle, and then I’ll follow up after our appointment with a detailed plan to get you on the road to turning your health around. The price is $150 for the 90 minute in-person or phone/Skype consultation.


Keep it Going - Follow up Sessions

Once you’ve gotten started on your health journey, follow up sessions are $60. These sessions help keep you on the right track. Follow-up sessions are 45 minute sessions with me, either in-person or via phone/Skype. You’ll have already implemented the changes I suggested during your Let’s Dig Deep consultation. I’ll learn how you’re doing and what your triumphs and challenges have been. I’ll offer additional suggestions to build on what you’ve started and may tweak your plan or change it completely, based on how you’re feeling. I’ll also help you stay accountable. It’s your health journey so you’re always the one in charge!! I’m just the co-pilot.